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Selasa, 7 Oktober 2008

Pencerapan oleh Nazir Sekolah

Today, i have been observe by two education officer from Bahagian Nazir Sekolah, a department from Ministry of Education specially for controlling the quality of national education. The visit is mainly for monitoring the progress and quality of the History subject, from lower to upper secondary. Many aspect of monitoring were considered, such as teaching and learning, lesson preparation, content delivary, documentation, administration, history department progress and many more. I am one of the History teacher, teach form 1 students, in charge of 3 classes. Today, i teach one of the class, that is Form 1C, at 6th period. I have been told by Ketua Panitia of Sejarah that maybe that two officer will be observing my class today. Well, frankly say, im not well prepared. And i am always like that. But, although im maybe seem unprepared, usually i tend to deliver my information to my students efficiently (if they focus and do not play around).

So, at 6th period, as usual, without thinking much about the observation, i just walk into my class only with my name class list, text book, and one reference book. That what i am usually bring to class. For me, this subject is very interesting and fun, if you really like it. History is all about fact, fact that cannot be altered back time. History is about answering 5W and 1H. To find cause and result, and of course, what lesson can we derive from it. Enough about the subject. From what i see, this two officer are very-very determine on their work . From class to class, observing each history class from lower to upper form! what a commitment i say... Word from senior teacher said that never officer from Nazir Sekolah behave like today. I dont know.

Back to the story, one of the officer ask for my lesson plan. Ops.. i said i forgot to bring that. Usually i NEVER bring lesson plan to class. Just take a peek on what im going to teach today, and done. No need to bring to class. I have to run down to staff room to get my lesson plan (daily and yearly). And after handed the lesson plan to the officer, i just continue my lesson for today, last two chapter, Sarawak. The students were very kind and keep quite all the time (of course when someone at the back of class) I just continue my planned lesson without ever take notice that two officer at the back..hehehe.

For the whole 40 minute of lesson, they were there observing. I dont know what the outcome. After the bell rang, one of the officer told me to see them tomorrow at 7AM. Sure, im thrill and exited. What the result? What are they want to tell about my teaching? After all, im just a junior teacher here (1 year) History is not my option after all. But my interest in history keep me here. I bear my mind, i will accept all the response, the comment, anything that is good for me and my career as a teacher. It is time to learn, like i said in my class. I am also learner. I bet they see many leaking in my teaching today :)

So, just preparing for tomorrow.

* I think my hair is quite long... Need to have a cut today... Worried they will notice and 'sound' me for that!


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